Thermod Group

Thermod Polska is a company which is incorporated into the Swedish company Lagercrantz.
Starting from 1990, the manufacturing of doors is held in Poland. The manufacturing facility is located in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, near Poznan. We employ more than 50 workers who manufacture our doors.

Thermod Polska develops, manufactures and sells specialised doors with surfaces made of glass fiber reinforced laminate, characterised by long life and high quality, designed for refrigerators, freezers and environments where the product requirements associated with hygiene and moisture resistance are stringent. The value of product sales, divided by geographic area, is as follows:

  • Sweden (60 %)
  • Poland (30 %)
  • other northern European countries (10 %).

Most of our clients are companies in the food industry (food processing plants, food retail and catering facilities), medical industry, sports facilities (swimming pools), etc. The total annual sales are more than 55 million SEK.

Our sales department is based on the network of sales offices scattered throughout the country. All of our staff are at your disposal.
Our Customer Service Centre is ready to provide you with all the information provided.

Thanks to our continuous research and development of our products we are the leading company where the durability, practicality and ease of installation are most searched for. For this reason we are leading in our market segment and we can meet the growing demands of our customers.

We supplied our products for the satisfaction of our customers almost all over the world, including the United States, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and most of Europe.
Thermod created an efficient logistics system, in which the transport of most of the products is carried out with our own cars or using the trusty courier companies. This means that you can be sure of receiving the right product at the right time.