August 2013

ITM Ustka, Drawsko Pomorskie, Kętrzyn – KD cold room door and ID hygiene door

Koral – KD-type cold room door

Biedronka – KDD – type double cold room door – 30 pieces

Stokrotka – KD-type cold room door – 6 pieces

Niburski Company - Hygienic door with lead insert ID with Pb – 3 pieces

ITM – 2 objects – various door of ID, KD, PD, PDD type – about 20 pieces per object

Bodus farm setting – SKJ – type sliding door

Stortebom facility in Kotów – 6 pieces of SKJ+ type large size gates

McDonald’s – FD freezing room door, KD cold room door and Cold Stop curtains

Amrest – freezing room and cold room door: KD, FD

OSM in Sierpc – comprehensive joinery supply to the new production hall – door of SKJ 80, ID, IDD and PD types

Tesco – swing door for the dotcom room.